Competent risk management

Our investment products offer state-of-the-art portfolio solutions.

From our point of view an absolute “must” to have the risks of your investment under control at any time and thus to ensure long-term success.

Superior returns through rational stock selection

To optimise our securities selection we employ the systematic approach of AlphaStream Capital Management AG, which continuously analyses over 6,000 individual securities worldwide using its own quantitative method. We also take ESG criteria into account. The 4 factors “value”, “momentum”, “quality” and “growth” are applied to achieve a long-term positive return with low correlation to traditional markets.


Direct investments in individual securities

We invest exclusively in individual shares so that we can continuously evaluate each company with an AlphaStream score. A positive valuation implies that this share meets our criteria: attractively valued, positive performance, solid balance sheet quality and steady dividend yield.

We are happy to work together with your bank

For a collaboration with us it is not necessary to change your custodian bank. Our strategies can be implemented with full transparency at various financial institutions.


Despite the positive stock market development in recent years, the effects of the last major financial market crises of 2008 are still present worldwide. Regardless of the fact that politicians, regulators, and central banks together managed to stabilise the financial markets after 2008 and thus avoid a “meltdown” of the entire financial sector, the constant fear of the next severe correction has remained. In this respect, early detection of financial market crises is probably one of the most important issues of concern to the global financial community. We can offer the right approach for this situation.

Our partner www.openmetrics.ch – a spin-off of ETH Zurich – has developed a systematic approach to early detection of financial market crises. In this way, possible price losses can be reduced.


Mutual respect in a friendly working atmosphere, enjoying the common work, and competence in the individual working areas contribute certainly to the continuing success of our team.